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TransForm Design is an industrial design firm serving both industry- and consumer-oriented manufacturers since 1991. Our comprehensive services include all phases of bringing a product to market, from analysis to manufacturing.

Our work has resulted in successful new products in dozens of highly competitive markets, including product display, outdoor equipment, lighting, toys, tents, food services, furniture design, household appliances, tools, consumer packaging, and many others. We have been awarded nine U.S. and numerous international patents with more pending on our product designs.

TransForm Design's capabilities include computer-aided design and 3-D solid modeling with translation for stereo lithography. Our in-house model-making and prototyping capabilities include machining, molding, and forming of metals, plastics, and other materials.

We would be happy to talk about challenges your company faces and demonstrate how we can bring fresh thinking to your product line.

Arthur G. Carr
President and Chief Designer


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