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Audio Amplifier
Audio Amplifier

These sketches are of a new home audio amplifier for a manufacturer of some the finest amplifiers in the world. The existing design was simple with exposed tubes, transformers and capacitors. Like most of the tube amplifiers sold today, the amplifier is equipped with a perforated metal box to prevent accidental burns. Typically customers would not use the cover, because it was not integrated with the rest of the design and also because it hid the glowing tubes, which are one trademark of the highest quality equipment.

The goal of this project was to introduce a new amplifier that would reveal the technology and be attractive even with the protective shield in place. By venting air through the chassis, TransForm Design was able to design a new protective cover made of glass.The glass covers reflect and refract the yellow glow of the tubes and, through the use of a "water clear" glass, add an extra highlight.

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